Who´s your target audience?

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Do you want to start in the virtual sales business?
So, this must to be important to you…

first of all, Who´s your target audience?
You must know the different types of audience of social networks according to age, gender and interests:

  1. Facebook: is used by men and women, and it’s most popular with 25-55 year olds, with the most dominant age 25-34. So, if you’re targeting teenagers, Facebook may be already too old-school for them! It’s best for Fashion, Auto, E-commerce, Retail, Entertainment, Real Estate, Marketing, Sports, Health and Wellness, News and Information industries.
  2. Instagram: is used mostly by 18-35 year old women. It’s definitely the place for B2C, especially if you’re in Food, Fitness, Fashion, Travel & Hospitality, Wellness, Beauty etc.
  3. Twitter: is used is used by men and women mostly by 18-29 year olds, following topics on: News and Information, Retail, E-commerce, Health and Wellness, Travel and Hospitality, Telecom, Finance, Fashion, Retail, and Sports.

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